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Keter Sumatra 135 Gallon Outdoor Storage Rattan Deck Box

This is a beautiful135 gallon outdoor storage rattan deck box brown espresso brown house. It is sure to provide some needed storage and is also a great appearance. This product is sure to be a success for any ecommerce store.

Keter Sumatra 135 Gallon Outdoor Storage Rattan Deck Box Brown

Keter is a high-quality outdoor storage company that has a wide range of storage boxes and deck boxes. This rattan deck box is a great option for those who want to create a modern design or who want to add a touch of luxury to their outdoor space. The keter deck box is also versatile because it can be used for storage as well as to give your outdoor space a modern touch.

Keter Sumatra 135 Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box With Pool Kit

This 135 gallon outdoor storage deck box with pool kit is perfect for your watering needs or storage needs! The rattan deck box is making a return to the keter sumatra line as is the brown espresso color. This box is perfect for either home or garden use. The pool kit is included and is just a few pieces of plastic that you can place in the pool or garden. The box also has a built in pool cover that contains all the kit you need to get started with your pool. Finally, the box has a heavy-duty door that is built to last and is durability-based for you to use and expect years of use from it. the keter sumatra 135 gallon outdoor storage is a perfect way to keep your essential oils and other supplies close to your heart. With a comfortable and sturdy design, this storage box is perfect for your goods. Additionally, the brown espresso brown color is inviting and will make your space stand out. With akai-handling, this storage box is easy to set up and down. The large size is perfect for storing a lot of goods, or just a few items. The rattan deck box brown espresso is perfect for holding your keys, your groceries, and other supplies. The large storage capacity is unbeatable for a storage box of this quality. this is a perfect deck box for those who love to go on outdoor adventures! It is made of rattan and has a brown espresso brown color which is perfect for any exterior you may want to give as well as the perfect amount of protection from the sun and weather. This particular deck box is able to hold a135 gallons of water so you can easily add or remove your favorite type of water source while enjoying your garden plot or backyard. This water storage solution is perfect for any backyard or outdoor group home or home with a larger amount of water storage. It is also perfect for use in a garden if you have plenty of earthtones and are looking for a beautiful garden front deck box that will add a touch of luxury to your home. this waterproof and erasing deck box is perfect for your keep, store or hide away! It features a tortoise shell design and is made of rattan for years of use and abuse. It also has a comfortable shoulder strap for easy transport and storage.